In 1979, the first branch of Samir Musical Instruments Store was opened, which is were the oldest in Saudi Arabia, located in Al-Kandara district, in the center of Jeddah, as it contained a valuable collection of oriental musical instruments in addition to a maintenance department for musical instruments.

The owner of the shop, Samir Badawi, a member of the Arts and Culture Association, loved music from an early age, and refined his hobby of studying until he mastered playing the violin and then learned to play the oud.

This shop was a destination for great artists such as: Fawzi Mahsoun,  Talal Maddah, Abadi Al-Jawhar, Tariq Abdel Hakim, and Muhammad Omar .. they hesitated either to own or maintain their Ouds.


This was followed by the opening of the second branch north of Jeddah in Al-Faisaliah neighborhood in 1983, where the shop fulfilled the needs of artists and the elite of the artistic community at that time.


And due to the pressures that were placed on the first branch in the south of Jeddah, a third branch was opened for us in Makkah Road to cover more services for our customers in southern Jeddah.


With the geographical change in northern Jeddah, and to meet the requirements of customers in that region, the newest and largest branch was opened, the northern Jeddah branch in Al-Salamah district - Abdul Rahman Al-Sudairy Street to serve more of our customers in the North, as it contains the newest and most luxurious instruments and is like a music museum.


Our stores contain a lot of oriental and western musical instruments of the highest quality and are an agent of the best international companies for instruments Musical instrument and the most famous manufacturer of the Oud.


From the beginning in our first branch, we distinguished Saudi Oud and Gulf rhythms at that time.

The advantage of our stores is that we are still the first choice for most Saudi artists, Arab musicians and popular bands.


And by the second millennium, Samir Badawi today runs his store branches alongside his sons who follow in the footsteps

Of their father and share with him in developing the vision.

As the geographical expansion plan around the Kingdom is being implemented, starting with the capital, Riyadh.